• WWDC 2010 Scheduled for iPhone Anniversary Release?

    Insiders supposedly "in the know" are buzzing about speculation that Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference will take place this summer around the iPhone anniversary release date three years ago on June 29, 2007. The rumors began with the discovery of a suspiciously mysterious calendar booking at San Francisco's Moscone Center taking place in mid summer 2010.

    You can take a look at the calendar yourself on the Moscone Center's website.

    06/28/10 - 07/02/10

    Event Name
    Corporate Event

    Moscone West

    Naturally, the reservation could be for just about anything. And it would be pretty embarrassing for those eager to confirm Apple's presence if the event turns out to be a Girl Scouts seminar. Nonetheless, WWDC 2010 will be here before long so it stands to reason that such a vague but potentially-telling booking could hold the secret to Apple's hush-hush event.

    We've been hearing the same talk others have regarding WWDC 2010 providing the launch pad for Apple to reveal another update to the iPhone. If the dates match up, the next iPhone will be "born" on the third birthday of the uber-popular device. After all, Apple has introduced a new iPhone every summer since. Why wouldn't another be unveiled around WWDC?

    Perhaps what could be even more interesting than the release of a new iPhone update or a big push for Mac OS X 10.7, is an announcement from Apple that the company will expand beyond its soon-to-expire exclusive deal with AT&T and herald a new partnership with Verizon. Indeed, there is no shortage of industry analysts speculating that Apple has finally realized that growing the iPhone consumer base requires expansion to another major carrier to take the device to the next level.

    Since there remains enough speculation about if and when an Apple tablet will finally be unveiled, there's no need to talk about WWDC providing a platform for the possible introduction of the long awaited device. Such speculation, obviously, goes without saying.

    Image via Intomobile
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