• Just How Much Are iPhone Game Devs Making?

    If most developers have the success of gaming app makers Tapulous, it's understandable why the lengthy app approval process is so frustrating to developers - they're primed and ready to make bank.

    Tapulous, For example, which has launched popular games for the iPhone and iPod touch, claims that the games in their "Apple games portfolio" are now generating upwards of seven-figures per month.

    The UK's Telegraph is out today with coverage of a developer now sitting atop a veritable goldmine with their iPhone gaming app business.

    Tapulous confirmed that sales across its Apple games portfolio now total around $1 million per month, a figure that highlights the growing popularity of mobile phone "apps", and the increasing significance of the iPhone and iPod touch as a hand-held gaming platform.
    Tapulous, which has fewer than two dozen employees, initially raised $2.8 million in private investment capital. Following the well established model found throughout the development community, Tapulous generates revenue through its games in a variety of ways: outright game sales, ad placement, selling content (like music) found within its games, etc. Tapulous, most famous for their popular game "Tap Tap Revenge," thinks it has only now started to hit its stride with millions more to be made from games currently available and those scheduled for future release.

    The iPhone and iPod touch are expected to be big sellers this Christmas, adding to the 50 million devices already in use globally. Since Apple launched its App Store in July 2008, iPhone and iPod touch users have downloaded more than two billion apps.
    The news of Tapulous' success is hard to believe for some who see the crowded field of apps as anything but conducive to concentrated attention from gamers capable of pumping so much money into one developer through app purchases. Even though the App Store now sports better than 100,000 applications less than two years after its launch, that total number is likely to double - or triple - within the next two years.

    Image via GearDiary.com
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