• Apple Approves then Disapproves new NES Emulator 'Nescaline' App

    UPDATE: It appears that this app has been pulled from the AppStore.
    Only a few moments after I posted this, the app is now gone from existence. It's pretty obvious as to why this probably happened, but nonetheless, thats the way it goes. It just makes one wonder what is really going on for the approval process...

    Once again we are seeing Apple approve Apps that we would have never thought possible. Either they are really listening to the developers to cut some slack, or they are all drunk out of their minds, drinking Egg Nog and sipping Cocoa, with the AppStore on autopilot. Either way, I won't complain, although

    Nescaline was unleashed upon the App Store today by Jonathan Zdziarski. Nescaline comes with some free games, however as usual, you'll have to add your own roms. However, this is not as easy as just SSH'ing them in. Obviously those that don't have Jailbroken phones can't do so. But the App does have the ability to point to a URL containing a ROM and download it to your device to play as you please.

    I could go on to explain the controls, layout and gameplay, but nothing is really different than the version we have available to us in Cydia. So here are some details and some screenies

    Note: I only found this in the US Store

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