• iCinematographers Rejoice at The OWLE Video Mount

    Before you drop out of film school and scrap the side job you have to help pay for a professional video camera, don't expect the new OWLE (Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement) iPhone video mount to automatically transform you into the next Steven Spielberg. But becoming an iCinematographer is now possible thanks to the handy iPhone mount that modifies your iPhone into what would appear to be a functional professional video camera.

    Although the addition of video recording functionality was, indeed, a great moment in iPhone history, soon the masses began lining up to complain about both the quality of the video and the dismal audio that accompanied it. The new OWLE iPhone video mount arrives as a mechanism to help quell some of those criticisms.

    From Think Geek:

    Now the OWLE iPhone Video/Rig solves that problem using anodized billet aluminum, a mini boom-mic and a wide angle lens. Simply nestle your iPhone inside the metal and silicone case of the OWLE and get ready to shoot the best iPhone video you've ever seen. Still shots turn out great as well. The shoe mount on the top and screw mounts on the corners of the OWLE let you do things with the iPhone Apple never planned on.
    Although OWLE did a bang up job with this nifty iPhone modification accessory, the somewhat hefty $129.99 price tag is
    bound to leave some willing to simply wait until next year to see if the 4th generation iPhone comes with improved video and audio recording capabilities.

    For now, the device is pretty cool and can prove functional in a variety of ways. The four screw mounts, for example, located on the corners allow the device to easily mount to a tripod. Although no professional or semi-professional videographer would use the iPhone as a primary video capturing mechanism, this gadget certainly improves the user experience for amateur still photographers and videographers looking for a little more stability to the video shot on their 3GS.

    Image via Think Geek
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