• Background Check App Comes To The iPhone

    Although background checks are both widely practiced and encouraged for a variety of professional purposes within the contemporary workforce, the iPhone is poised to make background checks far more commonplace than they already are. And there's some debate as to whether that's really a good thing.

    In this morning's Washington Post, the world at large was introduced to a new application capable of performing an elaborate detailed background check all for the amazing price of zero dollars - which separates this app from other similar applications that come with an exorbitant price tag.

    Back in September, we wrote about a new iPhone app that would allow you to run a background check on a new lover. It's mildly creepy, but also kind of interesting. Unfortunately, that app, DateCheck, also charged an arm and a leg to run the checks. A new one gives you some background checking ability for free.
    Dubbed "Background Check App," this application with the straightforward name culls relevant data from "BeenVerified" in order to help you perform a background check on the individual you're curious to learn more about. Some of the concern born of this app, of course, relates to the likelihood of people abusing the information and obtaining more information than anyone should have without a legitimate reason.

    Fortunately, for those of us concerned with violations of privacy run a muck, the controversial new app that modifies your iPhone into a detective's tool, only allows three queries a week at no charge. If three searches are insufficient for your snooping needs, than this app joins the ranks of other background check applications that charge a pretty penny for the functionality. In this case, unlimited access will cost you $8-a-month.

    Beyond looking up things such as age, address history, and relatives, Background Check App gives you access to criminal records, the properties associated with a person (and their values), and even scans the social networks to find data about the person there, such as pictures of them.
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