• New iPhone to Pack 5MP Camera?

    Shreds of evidence are beginning to help complete the puzzle of what the next iPhone may offer when its introduced, most likely, next summer at Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference. According to Eric Zeman of InformationWeek, the iPhone may soon boast a 5 mexapixel camera to help beef up the device's photographic potential in the wake of heated competition from other smartphones that now pack a powerful lens.

    The current supplier of camera chips for Apple's iPhone, OmniVision Technologies, says it got a whopper of an order from Apple for 2010. Not only will it supply Apple with 40 to 45 million imaging sensors, they will rate 5 megapixels.
    Although few are surprised by the sensible decision by Apple to step up the iPhone's camera a notch, many (myself included) are somewhat stunned by the bulk in which Cupertino is buying the necessary parts to make it happen.

    OmniVision, for example, only supplied Apple with approximately twenty million 3.2 megapixel cameras for the previous update. Reports of 40 to 45 million 5 megapixel cameras are certainly raising eyebrows, particularly with regard to how optimistic Apple may be about a camera upgrade inspiring so many new sales.

    Of course, if Apple expands its relationship to new carriers, like Verizon, then perhaps a bump up in sales would materialize - not that I'm trying to fuel any speculation, of course. Then again, Apple may have other plans and new devices lined up for use with the 5 megapixel cameras. If reports of such large supplies are, indeed, valid, it's a safe bet that Apple has bigger plans (or at least expectations) than we realize.

    Apple clearly thinks that whatever it cooks up for 2010 is going to be a huge seller. Starting with a 5 megapixel camera certainly won't hurt Apple's chances, but more mega pixels don't necessarily make for better images.
    Although there will naturally be some excitement surrounding a 5 mixapixel camera, Apple would ultimately provide a much more appreciated service to current and prospective iPhone owners by investing in some optics that can surpass what OmniVision has been able to provide thus far.

    Image via phonedifferent
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