• GV Mobile 2.0 for iPhone Coming to Cydia

    This wouldn't be the first time we've seen a Google Voice Mobile app appear in Cydia. Less than a year ago, jailbroken users with GV accounts were able to download and use the original GV Mobile app. Boy Genius shared a sneak peak of a Google Voice, GV Mobile 2.0, which will be available soon via Cydia.

    For those of you that don't already know, GV Mobile is an application that allows your iPhone to use all of the features that Google Voice offers and was even available in the App Store for a short period of time before Apple decided to remove it along with rejection after rejection. After being removed, the developer brought GV Mobile to Cydia. It seems the cycle repeats itself yet again.

    Boy Genius is reporting that 2.0 is much more fine tuned and tweaked than the previous version.

    “We’re really excited to tell you about it, too. It has been polished and refined — it had an injection of features — and we love using it, even in its non-final and beta form. For starters, dialed calls connect almost instantly, your iPhone contacts and favorites are accessible right within the app, there’s voicemail transcription viewing, and even multiple Google Voice account support. Advanced features like call forwarding phones, do not disturb settings as well automatic syncing, and even Growl support are on the to-do list.”
    My guess would be that this is an attempt to make apple rethink their positon on rejecting the App, and Google's way of flipping the finger to Apple.

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