• Unreal Engine 3 Ported to the iPhone 3GS

    AnandTech has reported that Epic Games has ported their Unreal Engine 3 game engine, the same one that runs games like Gears of Wars 2, over to the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod Touch. At first you might think, "I bet its laggy and crap", but as you'll see in the demonstration, its actually pretty damn impressive.

    The demo is both playable and has a flythrough. It’s using a modified Unreal Tournament level previously shown off at GDC. A virtual thumbstick on the left side of the screen controls your movement, while tracking your thumb in the lower right corner of the screen controls the camera. Just tap the screen to shoot. Mark said this is a tech test bed and they’re experimenting with several different control schemes including ones with tilt...

    ..It requires OpenGL ES 2.0, so the iPhone 2G and 3G won’t work, nor will the older iPod Touch models. It doesn’t really matter though, this is just a starting point...
    Give it another 3-5 years and we'll see smartphones that are outperforming the Xbox 360's current power, which means some kick *** mobile games in the future.

    Read more over at AandTech

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