• Another Hint That an 8GB iPhone 3GS Is Coming?

    Rumors about a lower-capacity iPhone 3GS have been going around since the summer, with internal product information on a carrier's website noting an 8GB model, and later hints about a "Droid killer" low-end 3GS phone. Now, as MacRumors notes, another intriguing piece of evidence has surfaced in the form of an "iPhone 3GS 8GB" label on a German phone's box.

    After buying a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G, a man in Hamburg, Germany got his phone but with a label on the box that said it was an "iPhone 3GS v2.2, 8GB." The model and part number are for the older model, but "iPhone 3GS" appears elsewhere on the packaging and implies that the label wasn't just a typo but an actual part label for an existing or soon-to-be-existing phone.

    Back in August, screen caps of an internal website for the Canadian provider Rogers Wireless showed an 8GB iPhone 3GS and stores were supposedly under strict orders to sell out their 8GB iPhone 3G stock to make room for the new phone, which never appeared. Then last month, Boy Genius Report noted hints his contacts were passing along about AT&T and Apple working on a new low-cost version of Apple's newest phone set to compete with the Motorola Droid.

    Apple has been known to release new models of its devices in winter, ahead of new product launches: back in early 2008 Apple rolled out a 16GB version of the original iPhone, and several months later the iPhone 3G came out.

    image via AppleInsider
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