• Apple Patent Shows Push Button Antenna

    A patent application from 2006 that was recently revealed by the US Patent and Trademark Office shows a push-button antenna that would be used to "ensure high-quality wireless transmission and reception." - which is increasingly a problem for Apple's handhelds - without marring the elegant design. Though it's a bit "back to the future" (remember when phones had telescoping antennas?) anything to help iPhone users improve their signal would likely be welcomed.

    The antenna could be extended with a click of the button, or by software, Patently Apple notes:

    Although the antenna could be based on a push button design, it may also be designed to be activated via an icon on your media device UI.
    The iPhone would keep its sleek appearance until your signal got so bad that you needed a boost, and then to improve reception you could just press the button and a small-streamlined antenna would pop out. When you got back into an area with better signal, you could just push the antenna back in.

    Patently Apple makes much of the fact that the design may utilize a coaxial cable. To them, that implies the ability to pipe in cable television, but it seems more a misreading of the term "coaxial." There's coax in all sorts of devices, not just cable boxes: sometimes it makes sense to have two conductors in a single cable, especially where radio frequency signal is being carried.

    However, it's an interesting idea: a cable-ready iPhone?

    image via Patently Apple
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