• Syncopy - Sync your Mac Clipboard with your iPhone/iPod Touch

    Syncopy is a new app available in the App Store that allows users to sync their clipboard between the Mac and iPhone/iPod touch. This is a tweak that I have been looking for, for quite some time. Until now I have been sending emails with things I want to copy and paste into my iPhone (Copy and Paste doesn't work with VNC Viewers)

    Syncopy is similar to the Pastebot app, except it uses uses a cloud server to sync clipboard items rather than requiring your devices to be on the same local network. Syncopy for Mac runs in the background giving the ability to automatically track all your keyboard and a sync the clipboard between other Macs and the iPhone/iPod touch. It is a free application that can be downloaded from Syncode - Apps - Syncopy

    Syncopy uses 256-bit SSL encryption to securely transmit your clipboard between the Mac, the iPhone/iPod touch and the cloud.

    Main Features:
    - Seamless clipboard transfer between the Mac and the iPhone/iPod touch.
    - History of your previous cliboard items.
    You can purchase Syncopy from the App Store for $0.99. You will NEED the Mac Software as well to sync the clipbaords.

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