• Credit Card Readers To Make a Splash at CES 2010

    The 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show officially kicks off next Thursday January 7, in Las Vegas. And a host of unlikely gadgets could steal the show from some of the more traditional home entertainment attractions that usually leave the majority of people in awe. One genre of gadgets in particular is getting a lot of digital ink this weekend - iPhone credit card readers, the latest of which will be on display at CES next week.

    When Jack Dorsey, (who co-founded Twitter) unveiled to the world his new venture dubbed the "Square," we all witnessed a sneak peak at a device that would enable mobile payments with a physical card reader designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. At the time, such a breakthrough was certainly attention worthy. But now, Dorsey's endeavors have been joined (or emulated) by others, and not longer will the emergent business of mobile credit card readers be "owned" by one offering.

    As hyped in myriad online and print publications this holiday weekend, Mophie is also now poised and ready to unveil their very own credit card reader at CES 2010 next week. From the Inquisitor:

    The Mophie Credit Card scanner may just be the perfect solution for mobile business users looking to charge cards on the spot, without the need for very much additional hardware or for users to scan their cards on mobile sites.
    Much like the Square's initial introduction, we don't know all that much about the new offering from Mophie. The photo, however, suggests many of the details that, while not confirmed, seem obvious. Similarly, the Square connects through the audio jack and draws power from the swipe. The signature is likely obtained from a good old-fashioned finger-traced outline. No word if the Mophie device will mimic the Square in providing the customer with a confirmation email of the transaction.

    It appears that the unit will feature a hardware scanner built for iPhones that protrudes from the bottom of the users phone, cards can then be scanned and used in whatever fashion Mophie comes up with (iPhone API restrictions considered).
    On the surface, it appears that the Mophie Credit Card Reader closely models the Square with the basic exception that Mophie's device looks a lot sleeker and better customized to fit an iPhone or iPod. The Square looks, dare I say, a bit more amateur in its design and appearance where Mophie's looks like a professional extension of the iPhone itself.

    Want more info on the Mophie Credit Card Reader? If you can make it to Vegas for the start of CES 2010, all the info you could want and then some will be revealed about the credit card readers that may initially dominate the mobile payments industry... at least until something cooler likely comes along next month.

    Image via The Inquisitor
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