• Can AppMakr Really Make an App Developer Out Of Anyone?

    Although the App Store is exploding with new offerings on what seems to be a staggering daily basis, building and launching applications for the iPhone remain cumbersome if not virtually impossible tasks for the novice dabblers in programming and software development. That could change, however, with AppMakr, which aims to simplify and streamline the application building process.

    Companies like WordPress and Six Apart created popular tools to let anyone become a blogger. Now startup PointAbout wants to do the same for building iPhone applications with a new service called AppMakr.
    As the coverage from MediaPost acknowledges, having an iPhone app professionally designed and launched is far from an inexpensive venture. Costing tens of thousands of dollars on up for a half-way decent app, the expense can be just as great as the time factor involved - another impediment to a speedy construction for an application. Most apps, after all, require weeks, if not months of tedious work by developers likely weighed down by a full plate of projects to develop.

    AppMakr promises to deliver a quality app in less than an hour for only $199. Users of the online service, formally launched today, enter a site Web site address or keywords and get back a sample iPhone app built with that content in less than 30 seconds, according to PointAbout.
    If you're wondering what services and software packages like that of AppMakr will ultimately do for (or to) the already extra-chunky size of the App Store, you're not alone. But by making it easier and more efficient to create applications (which isn't a bad thing) we're bound to see the number of available apps in the App Store swell at a quickened pace throughout 2010.

    For $499, users can also publish completely under their own brand and gain more control over app development through more extensive testing. Under this option, publishers set up their own Apple developer accounts, but the building, provisioning and management of apps is still handled by AppMakr.
    Although many bloggers, small business owners, and other web entrepreneurs are likely going to rejoin at the ease and affordability with which applications can be developed through a service like AppMakr, many (like myself) are fearful of quality taking a backseat to expedience - a reality, if realized, that might make the app world more frustrating and cluttered than we care to contend with.

    Image via MediaPost
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