• The Not So Wealthy Can Now Experience The World's Wealthiest iPhone App

    On iVip's website, visitors are urged to "experience the exclusivity of the iPhone's first premium lifestyle app." The $999 application offers access to the "privileges and benefits" that should be readily accessible to the ultra wealthy. From PR Newswire:

    iVIP Black, the 'Millionaires' App', gives iVIP members preferential rates and privilege access across a range of luxury partners including Supercars, Private Members' Clubs, a Concierge, and more. The price also includes a lifestyle consultation, where an iVIP consultant discusses how the app can be moulded and developed around your wants, needs, and desires.
    Fortunately, those who can't afford iVIP Black or iVIP Blue, there's now iVIP Red, a third and free offering that lets us "little people" experience how the other side lives. So in case you haven't completely lost your mind and decided that iVIP Black is actually worth downloading, you can now "sample" the most expensive application in the App Store to see for yourself why so much hype surrounds this pricey but still widely popular iPhone app.

    Those purchasing iVIP Black are required to certify they are high net worth individuals to ensure this consultation is worthwhile. iVIP Red gives an insight into these privileges - a taste of the millionaires' luxury lifestyle. iVIP Marketing Director Matthew Rowe said: 'We want to give people a preview of the benefits iVIP membership provides - and iVIP Red does give access to a limited number of iVIP privileges.
    While iVIP is simply the digital equivalent of being only allowed to peruse the menu at a gourmet restaurant but not actually order from it, the free version of the "millionaire's app" illustrates why the application comes with such a lofty price tag. iVIP members, as it turns out, save a lot of money and probably recoup much of their $1000 investment through the "preferential rates" offered by iVIP's premium partners.

    Proving that there is, in fact, a buyer for almost anything, premium applications like that of iVIP are a rarity. And they're likely to remain as such for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, iVIP proves that there is, indeed, an app for just about anything or anyone - including high net worth individuals in need of an iVIP consultant to help manage "wants, needs, and desires."

    Image via iVIP
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