• 36 Million iPhones in 2010 WITHOUT Verizon: Munster

    Apple's is likely to sell as many as 36 million iPhones worldwide in 2010, which Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster notes is a 40 percent increase over the 25 million phones the manufacturer sold last year. He says his research indicates Apple will sell almost sixteen million iPhones in the US in the coming year, and this would be without the increasingly-likely emergence of a second US carrier in 2010.

    Piper Jaffray's new numbers are based on sales in the US, UK, France and Germany, and the research firm says that its international sales estimates might be a "point of conservatism". The estimates are based on AT&T remaining the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US, despite the rumors, growing more prevalent recently, that Verizon may also start carrying the device in 2010.

    We continue to believe that it is highly likely that Verizon will launch the iPhone by the end of 2010. However, Verizon is not in our model and may be a source of significant upside for iPhone units in 2010 and beyond.
    The research comes amid new reports that Apple's tablet computer will be supported by a number of network carriers, including Verizon, following its launch. However, recent rumors have indicated that the still-unannounced tablet will be WiFi-only, and a report by AppleInsider indicates that Apple and Verizon are still in negotiations over bringing a special CDMA-compatible iPhone to Verizon's network, with pricing being the main sticking point.

    The Piper Jaffray figures estimate that, in addition to the 15.6 million iPhones to be sold in the US in 2010, 16.7 million iPhones will be sold in Europe, 5.5 million in the Asia Pacific region and 2.3 million in South America.

    image via Desinformado.com
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