• Tivit Turns Heads With Free TV For The iPhone

    A lot of cool developments lie ahead for the iPhone - the evidence of which is mounting daily. And as a host of new gadgets and software get the red carpet treatment courtesy of CES, a lot of people are talking about Tivit, which serves as an external TV tuner for the iPhone, your PC, and even a few other smart phones on the market. The Tivit is aiming to take Mobile DTV to the next level by "beaming local TV stations to handhelds" all for the amazing price of zero dollars - minus the cost of the Tivit device itself, of course.

    From the San Francisco Chronicle:

    When television stations nationwide switched to broadcasting exclusively in a digital format last June, the possibilities for live, local TV on-the-go opened up. From netbooks with equipped with Mobile DTV to cell phone prototypes, consumers will soon have a variety of ways to access real-time TV anywhere.
    Free TV will be made possible on the iPhone through the nifty little tuner box. By simply extending the antenna and firing up a corresponding app, you've got TV on your handset even in the absence of internet connectivity. For now, the Tivit only serves us access to about three dozen channels, but that is expected to change once the device hits the market and opportunities for growth materialize.

    The Tivit is compatible with the third-gen iPod Touch, BlackBerry devices with Wi-Fi connectivity (sorry BlackBerry Storm and Tour users) and Motorola Android phones. The Tivit is pretty small, measuring 2 by 3.5 by 0.5-inches thick (about the size of a deck of cards), but it still means lugging around an extra device. Fully charged, the Tivit can run for three hours of continuous TV reception.
    Although the Tivit is the talk of the town (at least in some circles) right now, it could be a little premature to expect the device to take off and follow the hype. A bit bulky, at least when you consider the unwieldy antenna that takes your iPhone back to the cell phones of the early 1990s, the Tivit, nonetheless, could still see considerable success given that there is no paid subscription plan required to use the device and watch TV on your iPhone.

    Without nitpicking, the Tivit is getting good reviews from those who have seen it in action. With reports of Tivit drawing a sharp, clear video, the first affordable devices that provide us with a live TV signal might not necessarily be the most attractive gadgets, but they could still thrive if a quality service is provided. And, according to initial reports, the picture quality from the Tivit seems to be winning people over. The real test, however, will come when the $120 device formally rolls out later this year.

    Image via San Francisco Chronicle
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