• 23% of AT&T Users Would Switch to Verizon: Survey

    One out of every four iPhone users would switch to Verizon if they could, according to a new survey by investment bank Credit Suisse. As the Business Insider reports today, 23% of iPhone users surveyed at AT&T - which adds up to about 1.4 million people - would jump ship to Verizon, though almost all but 3% of them would wait until their AT&T contract expires rather than pay up to $325 in "early termination" fees.

    Apple and Verizon have reportedly been in talks over the iPhone for more than a year. And as Michael reported this morning, there are fresh indications out of the East Asia supply chain that a CDMA variant of the iPhone is in the works. Since the current iPhone 4, as well as all previous models, works only on networks that support the GSM standard, hardware changes would be required for the phone to work on Verizon's CDMA2000 network. Apple also recently took out a patent for an external transceiver that would allow iPhones to access a second network.

    Credit Suisse's survey also found that only 20% of iPhone users on AT&T consider their phone service to be satisfactory, and only 26% think the service will ever improve. 28% customers would bag on AT&T, choosing Verizon (23%), Sprint (3%) or T-Mobile (2%). And a survey done of Verizon customers back in May of this year found that almost half of them - as many as 8.1 million - would be interested in buying an iPhone when (if) it becomes available with their carrier.

    Source: Electronista
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