• Use Your iPhone as a Security Camera

    By now we've all adjusted to inhabiting a world where security cameras are so ubiquitous we almost hardly ever notice they're around. From grocery stores to post offices, we're always on camera it seems, a reality that may be further perpetuated thanks to a new iPhone application that essentially transforms your device into a general, run-of-the-mill security camera.

    From CNET:

    The app lets iPhone owners set a phone to take a picture, either at a set interval of minutes, or every time the phone's microphone picks up sound. The two modes can also be set to run at the same time, so it'll take photos every few minutes, and when it picks up noise.
    The app, appropriately dubbed "Security Cam," has been on its way to us for quiet some time. Only obtaining access to the App Store this week, Security Cam was first pitched to Apple in late 2008 - more than a year ago. While some are quick to once again harp on the lengthy approval process illustrated by this latest example, perhaps such a privacy-threatening application should get a little extra time in the review process. After all, most agree that Security Cam is, indeed, a sensitive app that should be thoroughly looked into before being rolled out.

    Along with these settings, the app can also be set to put your phone to sleep after a selected period of time, as well as watermark photos with a time stamp of when it was taken. These shots then end up in your photo roll.
    Is it creepy? Is it cool? Is it necessary? All of those questions, of course, are now irrelevant. Security Cam is not only available, it's also poised to become a relatively popular $0.99 app download. Despite concerns that this could "fall into the wrong hands" and violate the privacy of unwitting individuals, the fact of the matter is that there are already myriad security cam gadgets far superior and less conspicuous than an iPhone is. In this regard, the Security Cam app isn't creating a privacy-eating monster. That beast already exists.

    Of course, the one problem with this app, and any others like it, is that you have to set up your phone somewhere.
    So if you're concerned that you're "being watched," just keep a lookout for a random iPhone propped up on a table or wall that may be pointed at you. Chances are, it won't be mounted there for long, assuming that the owner no longer wants to use his or her phone and only needs a security cam. At that point, however, there are far more efficient and cost effective security cam devices than a modified iPhone.

    Image via CNET
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    1. LanCo Rider's Avatar
      LanCo Rider -
      Sorry for bumping a very old thread. Has anyone used this with any success?

      I too would like to use my old 3G iPhone as a security cam. Obviously it would be well hidden so the thief doesn't just steal the phone along with the rest of my stuff.

      By reading some of the reviews on the app store it seems that this app does not work very well and is full of bugs. However, the app store reviews are very limited in their usefulness especially since nobody leaves the device type and software version they are using!
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