• Qualcomm to Power Verizon iPhone?

    According to an "exclusive" from the financial website TheStreet.com, the supposed new Verizon iPhone will be powered by a chip from Qualcomm. Contradicting earlier rumors, though, the phone would not be dual mode - allowing it to be used both on CSMA systems like Verizon's and GSM networks like AT&T's in the US - but rather based on a standard EV-DO chip from Qualcomm.

    Quoting Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar - who himself had "confirmed the decision with the manufacturers and suppliers involved," TheStreet.com's Scott Moritz wrote that Qualcomm has closed the deal to produce a CDMA-based iPhone. Kumar says that Apple had originally asked for a dual-mode chip but wasn't happy with the results, which resulted in them choosing the conventional chip. Kumar did not detail what Apple had found fault with, but Electronista notes that "dual-network phones have often had significant if sometimes artificial limitations in their frequency support."

    Qualcomm's high-performance Snapdragon chips have been featured in some high-profile phones - from the original Android handheld, T-Mobile's G1, to the new Google Nexus One - and even Lenovo's new Skylight subnetbook. The manufacturer had recently trumpeted its forthcoming dual-mode HSPA/CDMA chipset that was at the time heralded as the heart of a new hybrid iPhone. The chip is expected at the end of the year, so the timing is being held up as a reason why it is thought that chip is being passed on for the 4G iPhone, as new models have heretofore released in summer.

    Industry observers are seeing any move to Qualcomm as a blow to Infineon, which has supplied the chipsets for every iPhone since it was released. Some reports have laid the blame on Infineon's chips for the iPhone's widely-lamented poor performance on AT&Tís network.

    image via Nexus404
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