• Fandango Moving to Paperless Movie Tickets

    The popular Fandango movie app for the iPhone has offered online ticket purchasing since its release back in March, and the companion website has allowed you to print tickets at home for years. Now, however, the service is planning to roll out scannable barcodes for the iPhone app that will eliminate paper movie tickets entirely.

    Were testing it now, said Darren Cross of Fandango told Leander Kahney of Cult of Mac at a breakout session on iPhone apps at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Its not too far away. Well have it pretty soon.

    The Fandango service allows you to buy tickets to more than 16,000 screens in the US. It allows you to find the nearest theater, get showtimes, see a high-quality trailer, and buy a ticket. You can also get reviews from online sources and other Fandango users. To be sure, you pay for the convenience: surcharges currently go from $0.75 to $1.50 US per ticket, with special showings such as IMAX coming with a $2 US premium.

    The current version of the app Fandango sends you a pick up code in an email, which requires you to wait in line at the theatre anyway and show your credit card, though some theatres have automated kiosks. Paperless ticketing would make the service a lot more valuable, as having to pay the extra charge and wait in line isn't all that attractive except in cases where tickets sell out quickly.

    Fandango is one of two major online advance movie ticket sale sites, along with MovieTickets.com. It was started by Regal, which includes the United Artists and Hoyts theater chains. Regal had founded Fandango as a way of blocking MovieTickets.com from creating a total monopoly on phone and online ticketing services. Fandango can only sell tickets to those theaters that are not contractually bound to MovieTickets.com.

    image via Fandango
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