• LED Flash Coming to The iPhone?

    Since a new rumor about the forthcoming Apple tablet hasn't circulated in at least ten minutes, now is the perfect time to focus on a different Apple product for once - and one that already exists. The iPhone is on the receiving end of a number of curious speculations this weekend, the grand-daddy of which is talk that our trusty handset could soon get a little flashier. And I mean that literally.

    From Ars Technica:

    We have already seen some evidence that Apple might bump the iPhone's camera up to five megapixels, but there is also evidence to suggest the company may add an LED "flash" to improve its low-light picture-taking abilities.
    Coupled with the likely prospect of Apple bumping up the iPhone camera to 5 megapixels, it seems Cupertino hasn't forgotten about the iPhone amidst all the attention directed toward the tablet. And for now at least it appears the next generation iPhone could offer a host of advanced photography tools. But with Apple reportedly seeking "tens of millions" of LEDs, it's a similarly safe assumption that the bump-up in photographic quality will also positively impact the iPhone video recording capabilities when shooting in poorly lit environments.

    Flash photography aside, the iPhone may also be getting some help in the muti-tasking department, as Apple is liked tired of customer complaints and competitor jabs regarding the iPhone's "one-trick-pony" reputation. If the speculation proves accurate, the iPhone's improved picture and video quality could take a backseat to the device getting some form of "limited multitasking" capabilities.

    [The] buzz around the CES show floor is that Apple plans to add some form of limited multitasking to the next version of the iPhone. The details are naturally non-specific, though Apple has cited battery life and user complexity for not allowing multiple third-party apps to run simultaneously. Apple may include a PA Semi-designed, low-power ARM Cortex A9 processor in the next iPhone, which would negate the extra battery drain and keep performance at acceptable levels.
    Although its unlikely that any concrete next-gen iPhone information will turn up this month with so many eyeballs glued to the still-mythical tablet, this summer will all but certainly provide the perfect timing for Apple to show off the next generation iPhone, which - if all these rumors manifest into reality - could blow away previous generations of the iPhone along with many competitors now angling for a chunk of Apple's market share in the smartphone business.

    Image via westernmasscars
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