• iPhone "Bazooka" Stabilizes Video Capture

    At first glance, it's difficult to decipher exactly what this bizarre contraption is. Is it a tool to facilitate physical therapy for the upper extremities? Can it shoot down an enemy helicopter in battle like a bazooka? Is it that funky device Egon from Ghostbusters used to track ghouls and goblins?

    None of the above.

    Instead, it's Tiffen's Steadicam Smoothee. And it claims to make your video recording experience a process that yields a much smoother, higher quality video. Developed by Steadicam, the industry icon for camera stabilization, iPhone 3Gs owners are being told that the release of the Smoothee will enable them to "capture incredible video without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video shot on the go."

    From Slashgear:

    I have recorded video on my iPhone before and to be honest I am not sure the quality is good enough to warrant a Steadicam mount for the thing. If you like the idea of recording video with the iPhone camera and like the idea of holding a big, rather ugly mount to record with this may be for you. The mount measures 14.5" x 2.5" in operating configuration and has a folding ergonomic grip. The device also ships with a DVD offering tips on how you can get the best quality using the gadget.
    Although pricing information has not yet been revealed, some estimate that Steadicam Smoothee could ultimately cost more than an iPhone. While that estimate is dubious at best, the real issue is whether or not anyone would actually want to use such an unwieldy contraption that essentially contradicts the convenient video recording function of the iPhone 3GS. After all, if you're going to lug this big thing around with you everywhere, why not just look to a different device than the iPhone for your video recording purposes?

    Tiffen, however, is praising the Steadicam Smoothee's "lightweight, agile, and easy to use" design as a must-have for amateur videographers. And while the shear bulk of the product may leave you scratching your head for now, consider the (potential) practicality of the device later this year. For instance, if the 4th Gen iPhone, which is likely to be unveiled this summer, packs a higher res video camera, perhaps an argument could be made that such an accessory is actually not without merit - particularly if the video recorded for posterity is bumped up to a new caliber of quality.

    Image via SlashGear
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