• Buffalo Dualie Shifts iPhone Into Hard Drive

    Now this is cool... and a lot more practical as an accessory than an iPhone bazooka or an iPod stool - maybe. According to coverage from Gizmodo:

    iPod docks can already be found on speakers, alarm clocks, kitchen scales, space heaters, lamps, cars, bikes and I'm sure in a bunch of other wacky things. Leaving no stone unturned, Buffalo is releasing the Dualie, a hard drive/dock combo.
    Although the iPhone has been mounted, duct taped, or welded to just about any related (or unrelated) object imaginable, I would venture to guess that the Buffalo Dualie is among the first docks you've seen that juxtaposes an iPhone dock with an external hard drive. So obvious and logical, it makes you scratch your head in amazement that we've seen some of the bizarre iPhone modifications out there before this sensible arrangement for which there could be significant demand.

    The Dualie combines a docking station for iPhones and iPods of all generations with a 500 GB hard drive, saving you some desk space and coughing up two USB ports for your trouble.
    Pretty sweet, huh? This nifty little guy serves up an innovative offering with which your iPhone can be practically accessorized. In case you're wondering, however, the "Dualie" is available only with a "Buffalo-branded" portable hard drive replete with a FireWire 800 port. Buffalo's device then naturally accommodates the Apple Store prerequisite that its available products offer both USB 2.0 and FireWire.

    The device allows for simultaneous iPod- and iPhone-syncing and access to the hard drive's files.... comes formatted for Macs out of the box, and is Time Machine-ready, though drivers for Windows are included.
    The "world's first combined storage solution and docking station" for the iPhone and iPod retails for $249.99, with this "exclusive product" available only in the Apple Store.

    Image via Gizmodo
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