• Big Reaction To Small Evidence of Verizon iPhone

    Are the hopes for a Verizon iPhone so high that even the most minimal shred of evidence to suggest an end to AT&T exclusivity is sufficient to send some Verizon fans into a frenzy? Apparently, the answer to that question is a big, fat "affirmative."

    Our friends at Electronista published a report this weekend that has since been dubbed "potential evidence of a Verizon-capable iPhone." But, apparently, it's ample evidence to convince some that a Verizon iPhone is all but inevitable. The conclusion is based on the screen capture from an iPhone that displays the "Verizon" carrier tag.

    Sources have provided a screen capture from an iPhone in the San Francisco Bay Area that shows "Verizon" as the carrier ID. The tip comes with warnings that no more information can be disclosed just this moment but also that more should become apparent in the near future.
    Call me crazy, but it seems a bad 1970's detective TV show would deem this evidence "flimsy" at best. But as we rapidly approach the expiration of AT&T's exclusive deal with Apple to carry the iPhone, all eyes and ears are trained on Verizon for clues of a forthcoming announcement by the carrier to begin offering coverage for the beloved handset.

    Here's the controversial image in question:

    Could this be a glimpse into the future? Might we see this image on Conan O'Brien's "In The Year 3000" skit? Or will the idea of a Verizon iPhone prove as short lived as Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show? I guess only time will tell.

    While the capture itself is believed to be genuine, the authenticity of the ID itself is difficult to determine. Readers should take severe caution as it's possible to fake the carrier ID with a modified iPhone. However, such a modification would be unusual as current iPhones use GSM, not CDMA, and would expose the inaccuracy of trying to associate a present-day model with an incompatible network.
    Images via Electronista
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