• Trapster, Speed Trap Finder App, Hits 4.0

    Trapster has just gone to version 4.0 of its iPhone app with a number of new features and enhancements. With over 3 million users and 1.2 million traps reported across the planet, the worldwide "speed trap sharing system" claims to have the most up to date information on police hiding spots and road hazards, using a peer-to-peer approach (hence the reference to Napster).

    The app provides what it calls "virtual radar technology" to keep you apprised of what the global community of users is seeing. Trapster uses your phone's GPS and a Google Maps overlay to sync with the database, and gives you spoken warnings if you're near a speed trap or accident. If you see something you want to warn other motorists about, it allows you to add a hotspot by simply tapping your iPhone as you're passing by.

    Trapster allows you to tag hotspots as "police often hide here", "red light camera", "speed camera" and "mobile speed camera" in addition to construction sites and accidents. Based on the number of users who note a particular hotspot, the confidence level is rated with a green, yellow, red, or grey flag. Users who note hotspots that end up highly rated gain credibility points with the system.

    Version 4.0 adds a new feature called Patrol, which displays how recently another Trapster user has driven down the same road as you, helping you gauge the credibility of reports. And Caravan mode shows the locations of other users in real-time, and this mode as well as Facebook Connect and iPhone-to-iPhone connectivity allows you to share your experiences with your friends and contacts.

    Trapster offers a lot for the price: free on the App Store. A drawback noted by many users is that the constant GPS and data network usage eats up battery life, so a car charger is definitely recommended.

    image via appcraver.com
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