• Theme Of The Week: MP2 for iPhone 4

    MP2 for iPhone 4

    This week's Theme Of The Week, comes from FIF7Y, titled "MP2". MP2 is a very slick, and modern design, featuring a great User Interface. The theme comes retina display ready and is designed for the iPhone 4 on iOS 4. An SBSettings theme is included along with some templates to fill any gaps you might have.

    MP2 features a themed lockscreen, folders, Dialer, safari and more. This gives you a rather complete theme and can transform your entire phone's look and feel.

    MP2 can be found in Cydia for $2.99. Don't forget to check out the discussion in our forum.

    Don't forget to vote for next week's Theme Of The Week.


    sideWinderHD is a minimalistic theme designed to be sharp and clean. The screenshot doesn't do it justice. Check out this theme, you can download it here, and see for yourself.

    This theme should also work with the 3G(S) and of course it is made for the iPhone 4 retina display.

    [Beta] Sunset Windows 7
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il2cOdYl6vc]YouTube - Sunset Windows 7[/ame]

    This is a rather interesting theme. It includes a video wallpaper, and an authentic Windows 7 feel. The Widgets are 100% working, including a functional Slideshow Widget, and also includes a themed SMS to look like MSN Messenger as well as a themed Mail app, to look like Microsoft Outlook.

    It currently in BETA stages but you can read more in our forum.

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