• Fact or Rumor: New iPhone OS To Be Revealed Next Week

    That's the big news in the iPhone world today. Yesterday we reported that the new iPhone OS could be revealed on January 27th. Now it looks as though the big reveal is a done deal as this information is widely believed to be based on fact more than it is a rumor.

    From PC World

    Fox News posted an article Monday claiming that not only will next week's now-confirmed Apple event play host to the long-rumored tablet unveiling, but it will also see the next iteration of Apple's iLife software on show. Fox's report also claims that Apple will discuss the next iPhone OS update.
    The January 27th event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco could very well surpass everyone's expectations. Making up for the "let down" that some Apple fans reported after last September's event, next week's event is poised to present three "potentially spectacular" items listed above.

    Naturally, the invitations emblazoned with the words: “Come see our latest creation” have everyone whipping out their highest hopes for the occasion.

    The article by Fox News' Clayton Morris is boldly titled "Apple Tablet, iPhone 4 Launch Confirmed for January 27th" (never mind the fact that it's always iffy to "confirm" any new Apple product until Steve Jobs stands onstage with it), and goes on to detail a conversation Morris allegedly had with an Apple source early Monday morning.
    Similar sources close to Apple are saying that the folks in Cupertino may ultimately be more excited about the 4th generation iPhone than the tablet - although that is monumentally difficult for anyone outside of the Apple bubble to comprehend. While it is all but certain that next week's event will live up to the hype surrounding a reveal months in the making, the January 27th extravaganza could very well prove a game changer in more ways than the space on this site will presently allow me to chronicle.

    Image via On The Button
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