• Pwnage Tool 4.1 Released, Jailbreaks Apple TV

    We've been waiting a bit now for Pwnage Tool to be updated to support 4.x devices, and today's release of Pwnage Tool 4.1 finally gets us there. The main advantage of Pwnage Tool over the limera1n and greenpois0n recent jailbreaks (which actually use the same exploit) is for unlockers. Pwnage Tool's functionality of updating to a pre-jailbroken firmware preserves the baseband you were on (your cellular modem, the part of the phone actually being "unlocked") so your ultrasn0w unlock is preserved. For new 4.1 users jailbreaking for the first time, ultrasn0w does not yet support the 02.10.04 baseband on iPhone 4 (check yours in Settings > General > About > Modem Firmware).

    Mentioned a few days ago as a tool to get "untethered jailbreaks on all future A4 firmwares" (which they don't clarify today, just mention again in the iPhone Dev Team release post), this release jailbreaks the following devices:

    • AppleTV 2G
    • iPad (firmware 3.2.2)
    • iPod touch 4G
    • iPod touch 3G
    • iPhone4
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 3G

    As always, Pwnage Tool is a Mac only software.

    Here's download links (more to come):

    MMi Member Mirror

    Official Bittorrent Release
    PwnageTool 4.1 Torrent - PwnageTool_4.1.dmg.5898597.TPB.torrent
    SHA1 Sum = 4f216e5863d191f30f84b6201e8c2bbea031e691

    Apple TV jailbreaking is in babyland right now - exciting, just like when the community first started building apps for the iPhone long before an SDK was even announced. The Dev Team includes this note to all Apple TV jailbreakers:

    AppleTV 2G users: Welcome to the JB family! Right now, about all you can do is command-line stuff via ssh. You also have afc2 available, so you can use tools like ifunbox to move files around. These are the *very* early days of AppleTV 2G jailbreaking, so it’ll take some time for JB app developers to come up with methods to use your AppleTV 2G from the remote, versus the command line. PS: Your ssh password is “alpine”…please change it when you can
    We'll get a full tutorial up soon, but it's pretty simple - download, open, and follow the instructions in the app.

    If you've already jailbroken with either greenpois0n or limera1n, you will gain nothing by jailbreaking again with Pwnage Tool, so don't bother yourself.
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