• Aluminum Macbook + New Macbook Pro Rumors

    On October 14th we expect the long awaited update to the Macbook line of laptops from Apple. For many months now an update has been expected to the Macbook line since the current design is getting a little old and outdated. One of the biggest complaints to the current line has been the plastic casing. The Macbook Pro is covered in nice aluminum along with the Macbook Air. According to AppleInsider people "in the know" have seen these new aluminum Macbooks in the wild finally allowing the Macbook to join the rest of the Apple laptop family with higher quality skin.

    Also on the rumor table is the new Macbook Pro. If rumors are true there will be drastic changes between the current model and the newest version.
    • Glass touchpad with dock moved inside the touchpad rather than on the screen. This is complete rumor so far as no one can confirm if this feature is a go. Of course if you believe pictures nowhereelse.fr claims to have pictures of the new macbook pro.

    • In the picture above there also seem to be rounded corners reminiscent of the Macbook Air.
    • No more bulky 28-pin DVI-I (Dual Link) port. It will be replaced by a mini-DVI port like the one found on the current macbook.

    If all of these rumors are true then it looks like an exciting October 14th. The question about what "The Brick" is has yet to be answered. Could it be the aluminum Macbook or a new Macbook Pro?
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