• Macs Rise to 8% Market Share

    Apple's consistent growth in the computer market has continued rising to 8.2% in a survey taken by hitslink.com. Add in the iPhone and Apple has a solid 8.55% share for web browsing. Basically Apple has gained 3% market share in the last 2 years.

    This is a new high for Apple in the last decade and shows that although the economy seems to be having troubles and Apple share prices fell significantly last week. The high September 08 mac usage numbers that put Apple up over 8% are probably due to student back to school sales; a traditionally high selling period for Apple.

    The survey was done by monitoring the traffic for 40,000 sites. When you access a site with your computer your OS version is collected telling them wether you are using windows, OS X, or Linux. After that it is a simple matter of adding up the numbers to see the percentages of operating systems on the internet accessing the sites.

    While the survey doesn't count computers that are not internet active along with computers that didn't access one of those 40,000 sites you can probably take those numbers as a pretty accurate count.

    Apple ftw 

    [hitslink via techradar]
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