• Reports of MacBook Air Problems Spread

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WxEsstiEMc]YouTube - MacBook Air 11.6" Problem (Video Card Glitch)[/ame]

    An increasing number of new owners of 2010 MacBook Airs are reporting random kernel panics, freezing and display distortion with lines across the screen, and inability to wake from sleep, but no issue has yet been acknowledged by Apple. There are already a couple of discussion threads on Apple's support forums, and one MacBook Air owner posted the YouTube video above showing the issues he's experiencing.

    The problem is getting a high profile as some Mac bloggers' Airs are showing similar symptoms. Cult of Mac staff writer David Martin "observed horizontal sparkling bands running up and down the screen," he writes, "but the computer did not freeze," writes David Martin. He also notes that in addition to editor Leander Kahney having two kernel panics on his 13-inch MacBook Air and one on his 11-incher, Martin has experienced one that he "attributed to my attempting to boot with an SD card built on a MacBook Pro." Also, Serenity Caldwell of Macworld is having trouble with her 11-inch MBA, saying that it "randomly cut to a gray screen during Screen Sharing and only a reboot could cure it." She's also seen the screen "turn a variety of colors: gray again, tan, gray-black, and - on Monday - blue." An unnamed Apple Genius who worked with Caldwell reportedly said that "the Air's logic board might possibly be at fault."

    The day the new models were announced, Apple released MacBook Air (Late 2010) Software Update 1.0, which fixed a problem where system became unresponsive while playing a movie trailer in iMovie or after waking from sleep when an external display is connected. Apple's general operating pattern is to not admit any problem exists until they have a tested and verified fix ready for release, but affected users should still head to the Genius Bar without delay.

    Source: AppleInsider
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      Quote Originally Posted by mardinn View Post
      Hahaha. I love when something that Steve produces gets problems. This made my day!
      Except for the chassis Apple is using the same or similar hardware, allot of it's software is cheaper than PC's.

      Why do we have to pay 2 - 3 times the amount for the Apple laptop compared to Dell, HP Gateway etc. And the desk tops are even more , only thing close is the Mac Mini.
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