• And You Thought Our Legal Issues with Apple were Out of Hand

    Check out these poor folks. The Victoria School of Business and Technology in Vancouver has fallen in Apple legal's cross-hairs as the next target under the premise that their logo is confusingly similar to Apple's logo.

    The school's president, Dieter Gerhard, says that "Our logo is unique and distinguishable in numerous aspects from the Apple logo including the acronym 'VSBT' being part of our logo," and also goes further saying "Are you suggesting that anyone using any variation of an apple for technology education is infringing on Apple's trademark?"

    Of course the claims from Apple lawyer Stephanie Vaccari are that the logo is "infringing Apple's rights," and also "falsely suggesting" Apple's approval over the design.

    Here at MMi we have had our fair share of dealings with Apple Legal concerning trademarks. While we still contend that our previous uses of both iPhone and iFone do not violate US laws we just don't have the resources that Apple does to take issues to court. The result was MMi not changing names just once, but finally settling in a second change.

    One of the main arguments from Apple legal with these kind of issues is that their consumers will be confused and think that other companies are Apple endorsed. In our case we don't believe we caused any confusion at all with out previous domain names. In the case of the Victoria School of Business and Technology are you joking Apple?

    Is there this little faith in consumers by Apple? I'm sure all of you reading this post never thought that this site was endorsed by Apple. I sure hope that there is no one out there that would get confused by the school's logo. Get real.

    edit: Oh yeah, by the way the school is a long time customer of Apple Inc. That's called customer appreciation.

    [via macnn]
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