• New Photo Leaked of Possible Brick Casing!

    There supposedly has been a new picture of the speculated brick casing for the new MacBooks leaked! The picture was originally posted on a Chinese forum. The brick casing of course refers to the new MacBooks potentially being carved out of one big piece of Aluminum. It has been acknowledged that if the new MacBooks were to have this brick casing, Apple would have a definitive competitive and technical advantage over other notebook manufacturers.

    However, this is of course all just speculation. After all just days ago, 9to5Mac, finally put an end to all the brick casing rumors citing the statements of Peter Oppenheimer. They said that the brick casing is simply the new manufacturing process and not casing on MacBooks carved out of a single piece of metal using lasers and water jets.

    Still, this new photo sure does have the appearance of being carved out of one large piece of Aluminum. It looks like the casing on a MacBook Pro, but without the welding of the parts…although it is pretty difficult to tell exactly what we are looking at. I guess well all just have to make our own judgments about whether the photo is legitimate or not. Oh well, less than a week to go until everyone will hopefully know exactly what Apple has up its sleeve for the new MacBooks!

    Source: macrumors.com, originally from Chinese website: http://www.elesson.com.cn/
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