• Instinctiv Shuffle - The Shuffle Killer for your Mac

    Remember Instinctiv Shuffle when they launched for iPhone back in the 1.x firmware days?

    They are now nearing release for their Mac version of the same software. For the next few days, they're offering a limited beta version for testing to all MMi users. (pf edit 5/27/09: package is no longer available/supported - new version coming)

    What does it do? Its an "application that enhances the iTunes shuffle feature. Based on skipping behavior, Instinctiv Shuffle anticipates what you want to hear next." Similar to Pandora or LastFM, but working directly in your iTunes, it can turn your Shuffle mode into something akin to the new Genius playlists - with your entire library.

    Please leave feedback here once you've been using it - the guys over at Instinctiv would love to see if there's any last-minute bugs they couldn't find that you do before they launch officially, or just some nifty features you guys think of.

    The iPhone version for the 2.x firmware will be coming soon as well via the MMi Cydia repo once they've made sure the beta is working as great on you guys' machines as it is on theirs.

    Oh, and this is Intel only at the moment - those of you still on G5's, etc, are going to have to wait it out...

    Instinctiv™ - iPhone/iPod Touch application for enhancing random shuffle
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