• $899 24 inch LED Cinema Displays w/Built-in iSight in November

    Announced today at Apple's event, a new LED 24" Cinema Display with iSight will be available in November via Apple, and has a /ton/ of cool features.

    An included magsafe adapter lets you plug in your laptop directly through the monitor to charge. The iSight camera is now within the monitor itself, and its also got built in speakers. You can connect up to 3 USB 2.0 devices to the self-powered ports on the back of the monitor, and a mic is also built in.

    The monitor is LED, meaning you'll no longer have to wait for your monitor to "start up" to achieve full brightness - its on right away, fully.

    Max resolution is still 1920 by 1200, which is slightly annoying - at that size I'd like a tad more, but they sure are beautiful.

    All this for $899, in November.

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