• Jobs Responds to Angry Customer about No FireWire Port

    An angry customer, and previously loyal MacBook fan, emailed Steve Jobs about the new 13 inch MacBooks not having a FireWire port and received a response.

    Characteristic of Jobs, he only briefly responded with one line;

    "Actually, all of the new HD camcorders of the past few years use USB 2."

    AppleInsider experts have validated the authenticity of Jobs response with a great degree of certainty.

    Jobs and FireWire ports have a long history together; after all it was Apple that invented the FireWire port in the late 80s as a replacement for SCSI. Apple released the technology through a standards body to become IEEE 1394, while DEC, Texas Instruments, and Sony contributed to the development of FireWire ports.

    As FireWire was really taking off as the new technology for video and music applications, Jobs tried to procure some licensing royalties from it for Apple after his return to the company in 1997. However, it was ironically the 1998 iMac that really began to push the adoption of USB and in 2005 Apple took FireWire Synce out of the iPod. Another instance of Apple always pushing the envelope on the latest and greatest technological advances.

    In his response, Jobs was correct, as Canon, Hitachi, JVC, Samsung and Sony all use USB 2.0 to transfer footage.

    David responded

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the fast response! In answer to your statement, though, I decided to look at the selection of camcorders on BestBuy.com since I believe they represent a pretty average staple of what consumer electronics people are buying. Although you are correct that (almost) all of the new HD camcorders use USB 2.0, there are still many, many standard definition camcorders (read: affordable for average Joes) that require firewire. Does this mean to say that Apple no longer supports average Joes from making home movies on their computers? In other words, if I have a $300 firewire camcorder and a new MacBook, shouldn’t I be able to edit videos of my kid's birthday just as easily as someone who has a MacBook Pro and a $1200 HD camcorder?



    Interestingly, perhaps in an effort to smooth things over, Jobs sent this angry customer (David) another confirmed email from his iPhone,

    The new HD camcorders start around $500.

    What do you guys think about FireWire port missing? My husband has a MacBook Pro and a USB 2.0 camcorder, so I don’t miss it…but I have a few friends who do…


    AppleInsider | Jobs responds to outrage over MacBook's missing FireWire [u]
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