• New MacBooks Benchmark Tests

    Primate Labs has published their findings on benchmark tests comparing the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros to their predecessors. The tests measure both process and memory performance, however graphics performance (GPUs) was not measured. The difference in graphics performance should clearly be a significant upgrade in the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

    Primate Labs findings show very little improvements in both process and memory performance as compared to predecessors. The process performance was unlikely to have seen great improvements, as the processors pretty much remained the same between revisions. However, the memory performance should have seen gains, as the bus speeds were increased to 1066MHz, but in practice the improvements have proved to be only slight.

    Another set of benchmark tests done by PCMag, showed dramatic differences in 3D graphics when the new MacBooks were tested against PC laptops with the same 3D hardware as the Macs. This initially led some to believe that both GPUs were being used, but Nvidia has since then denied this. This discrepancy is difficult to explain though, so it seems for now more benchmark tests will have to be performed.

    Of course, overall real use of the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, will surely prove more impressive with the faster graphics cards accounted for. ArtsTechnica has posted some of its early reviews:

    It's important to note here that, while no serious gamer is going to be trading in his or her main gaming machine for a MacBook Pro any time soon, this level of performance in such a compact form-factor and at this price-point is pretty impressive. The new MacBook Pro is definitely up to the task of gaming on the road or for use at LAN parties when lugging around a desktop machine finally starts making your back hurt.

    Source: Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About
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