• New Apple Ads Attack Microsoft

    Apple has launched two new TV ads that not only criticize Microsoft for developing a substandard product, but for initiating a 300 million dollar ad campaign to distract from the low quality of their operating system.

    The two ads began airing this weekend and feature John Hodgman and Justin Long in their regular “I’m a Mac,” and “I’m a PC,” roles, and question Microsoft’s lack of information about their product in their ads.

    The first ad, “Bean Counter,” most directly attacks the well-publicized 300 million dollar Microsoft ad campaign. The ad campaign included 10 million just for the ads that featured Jerry Seinfeld.

    In the ad the Mac persona accuses the PC persona of putting way more money into advertising their faulty and buggy latest operating system when they should be using that money to fix it.

    The second ad “V Word,” attacks Microsoft for not mentioning the word Vista in their pricey ad campaign, as many users have been displeased with it. Rather, Microsoft focuses on building up brand recognition and authority.

    It is unknown how these ads directly affect sales, but Microsoft has increasingly accused Apple of successfully convincing the public that Vista is faulty even after Service Pack 1 and other fixes are reported to have fixed many of the problems.

    You can watch for yourself [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MimCZikP8cY"]YouTube - Apple "Get a Mac" ad: Bean Counter[/ame] and [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3ClenlekME"]YouTube - V Word - NEW Apple get a mac ad[/ame]

    The new ads are pretty comical, I have never really used windows at all, so I have no basis to compare faults and attributes of either…I did however catch a few of the Microsoft ads with Jerry Seinfeld in them, one where Seinfeld compared computers to being delicious like cake or something to that tune, to which Gates responded by shaking his rear…yeah all I could say was “Wow,” and had to leave it at that.

    Source: AppleInsider | New Apple ads savage Microsoft's $300m Windows campaign
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