• Macbook Pro Capable of Dual GPU and Switching on the Fly

    Nvidia visited Gizmodo today and gave out a few juicey facts about the graphics in the new Macbook Pros. First of all the chips can support up to 8 GB of ram previously speculated by iFixit during disassembly.

    Next. The Macbook Pro is capable of switching between the 9400M and 9600M GT on the fly without logging out. This would provide some pretty cool power-saving options having the less powerful chip running when on battery and bringing in the big guns when plugged into an external power source.

    Last. Yes the Macbook Pro is capable of Hybrid SLI (using both chips at once). There isn't too many uses for such an operation but talk about cool factor.

    Will all these capabilities be enabled by Apple in a future software update? Will someone go in and figure out a way to make it happen without Apple?

    [via Gizmodo]
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