• Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 10A190 Seeded to Devs

    Update: World of Apple has leaked full details of this build of Snow Leopard. Some interesting things to note include Finder being fully written in Coca instead of Carbon. This build also uses HFS+ file system for compression for read-only files which allows reduced weight of Snow Leopard along with the stock Mac apps. 64 bit kernal is also under way but it only works for some macs in this release. There are a lot of other minor changes including basic Microsoft Exchange server support in Address Book, iCal and Mail. For full notes click here.

    The latest release of Snow Leopard has been seeded to developers (something like four and a half months after the last release) as of this morning. The build version is 10A190 and the .dmg download comes in at 6.7 GB.

    This version should take up a little bit less space once installed. We haven't found the other improvements as of yet. If you see somthing new shout out!

    The purpose of Snow Leopard which should be released some time next years is to take the current Leopard OS X 10.5 and streamline it giving the end user better performance, taking up less hard drive space, and improving support for multi-core processors and GPU processing.

    To get a (legit) copy of this latest build of Snow Leopard you need to be a registered Select or Premiere Developer in good standing with Apple which can be done via developer.apple.com

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