• Macbook and Macbook Pro Can Handle 6 GB RAM

    Back when the new Macbooks and Mabcook Pros were first dissesembled it was pointed out that the chipset looked like it could handle 8 GB or ram. Unfortunately after testing the theory it was discovered that no, they can't.

    More testing has proven that the Macbook/Macbook Pro can handle a healthy 6 GB of RAM; two GB more than the 4 GB that Apple says it can handle.

    When 8 GB was tested there were a lot of stability problems in OS X when the extra RAM was accessed. With 6 GB there don't seem to be any problems, just a healthy amount of RAM ready to be put to good use at any time.

    The reason OS X has issues over 6 GB hasn't been determined yet but with a fix from Apple it's possible that the new Macbook and Macbook Pros could definitely handle a whopping 8 GB. Maybe Snow Leopard is the ticket.

    To get to 6 GB you have to use one 2 GB and a 4GB 1066 SO-DIMM. If you want 6 GB of RAM in you shiny new laptop it isn't going to be cheap when you go shopping at Ramjet at the tune of $675.

    [via macrumors]
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