• Are You a PC? Make your own "I'm a PC" video at the Apple Store

    The Apple Store is the new place to go for PC lovers and fanboys to go and support Windows. Well at least that's the case at the Apple Store Bullring, Birmingham, England.

    Right in front the of entrance to the Apple Store sits some sort of shack covered in Microsoft I'm a PC ads. The box isn't just there to stick ads on to, it is actually a video recording studio where you can go and record your own "I'm a PC" video. If that isn't enough there will be Microsoft patrons manning the booth for the next three days to distract people away from the Apple store and towards the "I'm a PC" booth.

    Here's how advertising works. Apple makes fun of Windows with "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads. Microsoft creates random Seinfeld and Gates ads, changes their mind and continues on with the "I'm a PC ads." Apple puts up ads making fun of the "I'm a PC" ads calling the PC a stereotype. Microsoft puts up recording studios to block Apple Store entrances. What's next? Is Apple going to replace the computer handling the video recording with a Mac?

    Anyways I think Microsoft boxes in front of Apple Stores are funny and I'd like to go visit one and make my own "I'm a PC" ad. Has anyone seen these recording studios anywhere else besides England?

    [via appleinsider]
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