• Psystar and Apple Going back to Court

    Well it looks like the Psystar Apple out of court settlement plans didn't quite work out. After the original trade of lawsuits back and forth between Apple and after the original suit against the mac-clone manufacturer the two companies said that they were going to attempt to work out and settle their difference out of court through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

    This didn't work out and now they are headed back to court. "The Parties do not believe that this type of case can be handled on an expedited basis with streamlined procedures," is a quote from the filling. It is possible that the Alternative Disputer Resolution was never intended to work out in the first place. Back in October the Psystar lawyer Colby Springer hinted that the Aletnative Dispute Resolution was just a mandatory process and that no peaceful solution to the lawsuit was at hand.

    We recently covered the newest Psystar computer features that include lots of choices between powerful NVIDIA graphics and Blueray drives. IF you want one you could be running out of time since Apple is definitely trying to take Psystar out of business.

    [via macnn]
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