• Apple Investigates Problems with New MacBook Pros

    There are substantiated reports about a new MacBook Pro owner emailing Steve Jobs about issues he has been having with the glass trackpad and hinge. It is purported that he received a prompt reply via the telephone from an Apple Representative addressing his issues.

    The main problem he reported is the new glass trackpad's failure to register every single click, a problem that has been noted in several reliable reviews of the new MacBook Pros since their release. The representative that called back supposedly said that Apple is looking into the complaints, but does not have an immediate resolution.

    I am one of these new owners too…and relative to my previous archaic iBook G4, almost anything would be spectacular in comparison. However, I too have noticed this issue of the trackpad not picking up every single click. While the trackpad is a dream to use as it feels great to the touch and looks awesome, this is pretty annoying. I think the ad campaign Apple released where a representative said their teams toiled for long periods of time getting the “coefficient of friction,” just right, was a little off.

    The user also complained about the display hinge on the new model, which now has a better feel but uses less friction to shut… and this allows the lid to fall shut by gravity when held at an angle. However, the Apple representative who called back said the new hinge was designed to function in this manner, so it's less stiff.

    I have no complaints about the hinge, I consider it improved from the experience I have had. When I used a friend’s MacBook, the model right before the most recent update, the lid was so stiff to open that when you did open it your hand would sometimes slip off and the lid would slam back shut. The new lid on mine is working much better, but that’s just my experience.

    I do hope Apple offers to do something about the trackpad, although I think it’s a long shot given their history.

    Source: AppleInsider | Apple investigating problems with MacBook Pro's glass trackpad
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