• New Email from Jobs Addresses Trackpad Issue

    The user complaints and inquiries along with professional reviews that point to the glass trackpad issues, have elicited an email from CEO Steve Jobs.

    It has now been affirmed that the glass trackpad has some functionality quirks in some of both the new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros (no surprise here since it’s the same trackpad). The problem reported about some of these Macs, is that the trackpad is not registering every “physical” click. As one user describes this issue:

    "Every 50 clicks, my trackpad will stop responding for five to clicks…Generally this will resolve itself given a few seconds, and is not directly dependent on number of times the trackpad is clicked while unresponsive."

    It was only yesterday that a new MacBook Pro owner received a phone call from an Apple Representative in response to his complaint about his trackpad not registering every physical click. The Apple Representative supposedly said that Apple was “researching the clicking issue,” but did not yet have a solution.

    “He told me that Apple is researching the clicking issue. They have no resolution of it and, of course, there’s not really an official acknowledgment of it, but they are checking into it because they’ve heard the complaint frequently.”

    Now, however, it appears there has been official acknowledgement as another customer having the issue emailed Jobs, and received one of Jobs characteristically short replies,

    “Software fix coming soon”

    So it seems that Apple can solve the whole problem with just a software fix…and this will likely apply to both the MacBooks and the MacBook Pros because the trackpad on both is essentially the same.

    I am glad that some of you with new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, have not been having the problem. Maybe it’s just on certain notebooks that were not properly made/formatted. At any rate I am happy there is a fix coming so soon, I just hope it works completely…I guess this is what I get for buying the first iteration of a model!

    Software Fix for MacBook Pro Trackpad Issue "Coming Soon" - Mac Rumors

    AppleInsider | Apple readying software patch for quirky MacBook trackpads
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