• Judge Orders Tony Fadell’s Replacement to Stop Work

    A judge has ordered Apple’s new recruit, Mark Papermaster (a replacement for Tony Fadell) to halt any work he’d been performing for Apple due to a possible breach of contract with IBM.

    Late this past Friday, US Federal District Judge Kenneth Karas ordered Mark Papermaster to "immediately cease" work until the court makes a decision as to whether or not his employment with Apple breaches the non-compete clause in his contract with IBM.

    Papermaster has put in 25 years with IBM as a veteran engineer and now finds himself at the heart of a lawsuit by his former employer who’s going after Papermaster for taking a new position as head of Apple’s iPod and iPhone division.

    IBM is attempting to enforce a non-compete contract Papermaster signed in 2006. Apple is believes the non-compete does not apply to their company and is trying to get around it.

    Papermaster maintains that he does not know why IBM is pressing suit as he left the company on good terms and because IBM knew the position he was planning to take with Apple the whole time he worked with his former employer during his two weeks notice.

    Apple and Papermaster's lawyers have already mounted a defense that argues that his heading the division handling the iPhone and iPod touch affords too small a scope to risk trade secrets being leaked. Papermaster’s lawyers also say that IBM’s non-compete s far too strict, and if Papermaster has to adhere to it that it would be "incredibly damaging" to his career.

    IBM disagrees and says that Papermaster will be handling the same ARM chips, and this is too close for comfort. IBM continues to insist;

    "Electronic devices large and small are powered by the same type of intelligence, the microprocessor,"

    And so the drama continues… A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 18.

    Source: AppleInsider | Update: judge orders Apple's new mobile head to stop work
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