• Four-Finger Gesture Hack for Older MacBooks

    If you own an older MacBook and have been wishing your notebook had the four finger gesture features of the new line you may be in luck. Macrumors has supposedly confirmed a hack that enabled four finger gestures on a 1st generation MacBook Air, that will likely work for most all older MacBooks.

    All that is required for the hack is for users to install a disc from a new unibody MacBook and then change the registry a bit. It has only been confirmed to work on a January '08 MacBook Air, but avid hackers think it will work just fine with most other pre-October ’08 models.

    Artstechnica describes how the hacker (michaelb) got this to work:

    “Basically, he used his girlfriend's new MacBook's software to reinstall Mac OS X on his original Air, but with a hack on the Apple installer that checks against each machine. Once he got the installer to ignore the fact that he was using a different Mac, michaelb installed the OS but couldn't find the four-finger settings in the trackpad System Preferences. Some digging into the kernel extension AppleUSBMultitouch.kext revealed entries related to four-finger gestures, which he copied into all Info.plist entries (just to be safe). A permissions restoration and a reboot later, and the gestures were working.”

    While this is method is very hack-ish it does highly suggest that Apple could get the four finger gestures feature working on at least early 2008 MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs with just a software update.

    I have a unibody MacBook but do not even use the four finger gestures on a regular basis-I guess I am just not used to it…it is kind of a cool feature to have though.

    Source: Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About, http://www.artstechnica.com
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