• Apple Working on Bidding DRM Music Goodbye

    You log into the iTunes Store. You buy music. It only plays on your authorized computers. In theory this helps keep illegal distribution of music over the internet down but in reality it is just a hinderance to everyday users that are required to register their iPhones and iPods and computers to play their own files that they legally own.

    Apple started catching onto the idea that this whole DRM music thing isn't a concept to be continuing into the future and reached an agreement with the label EMI last May and starting the "iTunes Plus" service allowing purchase of DRM free music from the iTunes store. Since then EMI along with other major labels like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG have started offering their music DRM free via routes other than iTunes like Napster, Amazon, and MySpace music.

    While the iTunes store doesn't seem to be doing half bad in sales in the last year Apple needs to make the move to DRM free music across all of its offerings soon as competitors continue to sell music without DRM. If you're going to buy music would you rather have to jump through hoops to play your purchased DRM tracks or just be able to play your music where, when, and how you want with no catches?

    The latest reports indicate that Apple is definitely on the path towards DRM free music in the iTunes Store. According to a couple anonymous tips to CNN Apple and at least two of the remaining three labels slinging DRM tracks on iTunes have been in talks on and off for months trying to find an agreement to sell DRM free music in the iTunes store.

    Here's hoping to the talks continuing and reaching a nice DRM free conclusion. DRM music is annoying and needs to go the way of dial up. We'd like to know your thoughts on DRM music. Take our poll above!

    [via cnet]
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