• QuickTime Update allows for SD iTunes playback over DisplayPort

    Last night Apple released a new QuickTime update that allows standard definition iTunes movies to play over the new MacBooks' DisplayPort and onto older displays.

    This somewhat addresses a highly publically criticized issue about how the new portables would not play legitimately purchased movies on external displays without HDCP support. However, as of now, the update is only for unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros as well as second-revision MacBook Airs.

    This update should allow for the inclusion of any display that attaches through the VGA adapter and should also allow playback from DVI-equipped displays that donít have built in HDCP encryption. HD isn't affected as of yet since TV shows usually donít require the use of copy protection formats.

    This change makes Apple a bit more in keeping with the typical practices of other movie stores and the movie disc industry as a whole, who tend place tighter controls on HD, but permit much less restricted playback for regular DVD- or TV-level resolution video.

    Well, at least Appleís grip is starting to loosen! I am going to try this tonight and see how well it works.

    Source: AppleInsider | QuickTime 7.5.7 allows SD iTunes playback over DisplayPort
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