• Apple’s Last MacWorld Expo

    Today, Apple announced that this year’s MacWorld Expo would be its last and that Phil Schiller will deliver the keynote and not Steve Jobs.

    There have been speculations that this change is due to Job’s health. Jobs underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer, but has been cancer free since July. This and the fact that Apple has said this will be its last expo has others speculating that more than Job’s health is the cause. As a CNBC reporter puts it, Jobs' decision was one motivated "more by politics than his pancreas," and “that if Jobs for some reason was unable to perform any of his responsibilities as CEO because of health reasons, which would include the Macworld keynote, I should rest assured that the board would let me know."

    While initially there does not seem like there is reason Apple should stop participating in the MacWorld Expo, some say this is part of Apple’s plan to have complete control of their own message. By releasing new product lines through the expo MacWorld has some influence over how these products are advertised and marketed. Speculators say Apple wants to put an end to this.

    However, the MacWorld organizer IDG is not showing any discontent, saying they’re committed to MacWorld 2010 and, "look forward to many successful years of Macworld to come."

    It’s all politics, but given some of Apple’s other recent moves I would not be surprised if this were a ploy on the part of Apple for more control.

    Source: Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and News You Care About
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